High Quality Wooden Framed Canvas Prints

• Canvas measuring 32" x 22"
• Laminated canvas surface for ultimate protection
• No cracking, water resistent, cleanable, scratchproof, and UV
protection for up to 200 years.

Canvas' are high quality printed and stretched on to hand-crafted wooden frames. The images come in a large 32 x 22 inch size which is a perfect size for living room hanging or display in a large room. Your order comes delivered to your house with an estimated delivery time of around a week.

If you are wanting a specific image but on a different sized canvas, please email me below with your desired image and what size you are thinking of wanting and I will get back to you as quick as possible with information.


Settle, United Kingdom

All images on this website are subject to © Ryan Maudsley Photography. © 2017

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