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My Gear

Main Equipment

Canon 6D - This camera is brand new to my collection, I haven't used this enough to give my honest review but from other people's views, the camera is quite incredible!

Canon 700D - I've used this body for over 3 years and i can't quite put into words how much action it has been put through. It's done me so well has this camera and for it's price, I can't recommend it anymore for a first time camera. Yes, it might not have all the bells and whistles but for getting into DSLR Photography, it has what you need.

Canon 17-40mm f/4 - My go-to lens. I use this for nearly all my images, the range of focal length is perfect for most landscapes, its small, light, and most importantly, allows my LEE filters to be mounted on with ease. In my opinion, the perfect lens for landscape photography.

Canon 70-200 f/4 L (non IS) - This lens was recently purchased, it's great for what I use it for, out in the mountains, getting close in to each shot, picking out the individual beauties of the landscape. The reason i went for non IS is for the sole purpose of reducing weight and all in all, I simply don't need the stabilization when working on a tripod.


Tokina 11-16 f/2.8 - This lens is used on my 700D as it's a crop sensor camera. Works like a gem and is 100% worth it for the price. Great wide-angle lens!

Samyang 14mm - This lens I only use for astrophotography due to the fast aperture and the fact that i cannot attach my LEE filter bracket to the end of the lens for landscapes, for this reason alone, i decided to only use it for night time photography.

Canon 50mm f/1.8 - Bought this lens just over a year ago, don't use it much but when it is needed, does not disappoint, great for portraits and lovely, fairy tale pictures with the fast f/1.8 aperture.

DJI Phantom 3 - Great drone that does it's job well, however in the future I want to upgrade to a Mavic Pro due to it's small, portable size.


Lee Foundation Kit - This holds all my filters in one single bracket. Fab!

Lee Big Stopper - Reduces the light entering the camera by 10 Stops; great for super long exposures like on seascapes.

Lee Little Stopper - This reduces the light by 6 stops, so not as powerful as the Big Stopper but then again, used for different purposes, this is great for landscape shots in great light and also for river shots.

Lee Polariser - This is an essential for landscape photography, something that reduces light glare coming in to the lens from different angles, something that cannot be removed in software!

Physical Gear

Lowepro Flipside 450 AW -  At first I didn't really see the need in purchasing an expensive bag for photography, but when testing out a friends, i knew i was wrong. This was one of the best purchases I made. It holds all my gear and has multiple straps to make it feel much more comfortable when hiking. It's also part of Lowepro's 'All Weather' (AW) series meaning it's completely weather sealed, meaning i don't have to worry about water leaking into the bag and damaging all my equipment.

Manfrotto 190X Tripod -  Same story as with the bag, I thought a cheap tripod could do the same job, but it just couldn't compare with a tripod like Manfrotto. They're made with so much robustness and you feel so comfortable with getting the sharpest image when your camera is placed on top of this.

Novo CBH-40 Ball head - This ball head is so vigorously constructed, very easy to manipulate and angle my camera.

3 Legged Thing L Bracket - This is a little gadget that is so simple, but so effective. It allows me to quickly clip out my camera and switch between landscape and portrait without any fuss. Simplicity.


Neewer Intervalometer - This item is cheap knock off version of Canon's and with most items, they are normally terrible and tacky, but with intervalometer's, there is no difference, if anything, the cheap one is better. Does what its purpose is, i have experienced no issues with it over the past 2 years of owning it.

RatRig Slider and Motorized Kit -  Now this was an item that i was heavily precocious about when buying. Motorized slider kits are all priced extremely high, and i'm talking 1000's in some cases. But with a good few weeks of research, i found this company called RatRig, a new company founded in Portugal. They make sliders and motorized kit's and sell them for a fraction of the price that other companies are selling for. I purchased the slider and kit and i am nothing but blown away by the gear they have created. Works like a charm.

Manfrotto 502 Fluid Head - I can't describe this fluid head with any other set of words other than 'Smooth as f***'. Amazing fluid head that does it's job to perfection.

Rode Video Micro - This microphone works magic for the price it comes in at. I knew i was getting a quality piece of audio gear as soon as i purchased it due to it coming from Rode. Great little microphone for a reasonable price!


Adobe Lightroom CC - This is main software for photo edits. Allows me to manipulate my photos to almost how i want them. Great software!

Adobe Photoshop CC - Photoshop is what I use on an image after they have been through Lightroom and any last tweaks like removing things from my image happen in here.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC - This is in my opinion the best software for video editing. I've used Sony Vegas 12 & 13 and neither of them compare to Premiere Pro. It's so much more responsive and faster to use. Also much more enjoyable to edit on here.

Stellarium - This is a very helpful piece of software as this helps when i'm planning on going out on a night to shoot astrophotography and the milky way. This helps me know where to look in the night sky and what time.

Canon 6D with the 70-200 F4 L and LEE Polariser and 6 Stop


These images are taken on my drone to get that different perspective.

An image tht has been taken with the Canon 50 milimeter f/1.8

This image is an example of an image taken with the fast 50mm f/1.8. The image also shows myself wearing the trustworthy Lowepro Flipside 450 AW

This video was taken with the RatRig slider with the motorized kit in action. Creating a cinematic feeling to the shot.

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