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Cinematography is another art that enthusiasts me as much as photography. I've been filming video just as long as I have with taking photographs. And if i was to choose between them, I'd be stuck! I think the main difference between Cinematography and Photography though at the age of 15, (well, any age to be honest) is that cinematography is much more expensive to produce at a high quality. High end cinema cameras coming in at the lowest price of well over £3000, and that's just the main camera itself! This is the main reason why my main attention at the moment is towards Photography and building my skills there. Although i don't want to focus all my attention to that subject as cinematography is something I love. 

I do plan on investing in a cinema camera later in the future and that is what I want to go on to study later on in life. It is a huge part of my life which I look forward to. People like Christopher Nolan are the people that really aspire me in this subject. Films like Interstellar really motivate me with ideas of what to film. 

The main aspects of video production that I do now are focused on Timelapse and Hyperlapse videos. This is my primary route I want to take in to cinematography. Some of my work can be found for example on the videos above but if you are wanting to see anymore of my video work then please drop and email and i'd be more than happy to show you my work! 

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